AthenaPMIT provides innovative solutions and dedicated services that connect payers, providers
and patients. In addition, we also provide in-depth technical services and products to improve healthcare business processes. Right from client identification to post payment, we transform Physician Office by automating routine tasks, working closely with every aspect of revenue cycle management and generating detailed reports to provide most updated status.

We implement Electronic Medical Records, Practice Management applications and other tools to streamline processes for payers, providers and business partners. We integrate information intelligently making key administrative processes easier, simpler and automated.

Solutions that simplify physician practices

The dynamics of operating a physician practice in the current marketplace require skills and solutions that maximize the productivity and efficiency of staff and reimbursement processes.

We provide EMR tools based on individual practice needs and services that include designing, building, implementation and post go live optimization. We can help providers qualify for Meaningful Use incentives.

We implement most efficient Practice Management tools and install dedicated Revenue Management Services to reengineer current business process, optimize workflows and promote business excellence. Our claims and billing processing solutions save providers time and money by automating numerous essential administrative and Revenue Management functions.

We directly connect physician practices to one of the largest health information networks in the nation for submission, remittance and payment of medical claims as well as the simplification of clinical processes such as ePrescribing, lab orders and results.


Our billing professionals work hand in hand using current technology and tools to proactively address coding issues influencing denied claims or delay in payments. We provide chart audit service for your current documentation and coding practice to help comply with ICD-9 and CPT coding guidelines. We also help you maximise reimbursements through effective documentation of your services and also through periodic analysis and enhancement of your practice codes.

Contact us today to find out our flexible coding solutions; we consistently deliver cost savings, improved accuracy, and turnkey solutions.
We employ Medicare Guidelines, proprietary softwares and established quality assurance process throughout our medical coding process.
Our coding process can be applied to:
Same-day Surgery
Interventional Radiology
Cardiac Catheterization Lab
Emergency Department
Urgent Care
Labor and Delivery

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