Key features of our medical coding services that sets us apart

  • •          We have proven expertise in assigning CPT codes.

The codes that pay! The Current Procedural Terminology codes determine how many dollars you receive for your medical service by the insurer. And that is why we take extra care while assigning CPT codes to manage denied claims. As the CPT database undergoes periodical changes we ensure that we are updated and abreast of the latest developments.

  • •          We know that modifiers and add on codes play a key role!

To get complete medical reimbursement is our goal and modifiers and add on codes are the key.

  • •          We are proficient in HCPCS!

We are proficient in the HCPCS database system. We make sure that CPT and ICD codes are aligned with the eliminating one of the most common error that occurs in claims filing.

  • •          Specialty specific coding services

We offer specialty specific medical coding services.

  • •          Assured HIPAA and HL7 compliance

We make all efforts to adhere and observe HIPAA standards and will not start any new project without a clear foundation to meet Privacy, Security and Technical Safeguards standards.

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