Outsource Help Desk with AthenaPMIT

We provide customized help desk outsourcing services at all levels for your help desk service, technical support, or customer service needs. Outsourcing your Help Desk to us will give you the freedom to focus on your core competencies while giving your employees or customers an exceptional customer experience experience. Our people, processes and technology give you the information to identify trends, anticipate training needs, and increase responsiveness for your customers.
Give us a call today and let us help you identify your needs to build a help desk outsource solution.


▪ Provide technical support to your population of computer users.
▪ Help you to regain control over your user support.
▪ Give you the freedom to focus your IT staff on their core competencies.

3 Tier Model

▪ The help desk divides support into three tiers:
▪ Tier 1 Support: Tier 1 provides basic software application and/or hardware support to callers.
▪ Tier 2 Support: Tier 2 provides more complex support and/or subject matter expertise on software applications and/or hardware and is usually an escalation of the call from Tier 1.
▪ Tier 3 Support: Tier 3 provides support on complex hardware and network operating system software and usually involves certified systems engineers.

Service Overview

Application Support: We can provide you and your employees with technical support for standard off-the-shelf software applications and proprietary applications.
Hardware Diagnosis: Our front-line hardware diagnosis and escalation services.
Network Support: We can provide you with desktop related network support issues and user administration.

Software and Systems Supported

PC client network connectivity

▪ Password resets
▪ General PC hardware diagnosis
▪ Printers, drivers and queues
▪ User account administration and email box creation

PC Operating Systems

▪ Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
▪ Windows Vista (32/64-bit)
▪ Windows XP
▪ Windows 2000
▪ Windows NT
▪ Windows 98

Office Suites

▪ Microsoft Office 2000/XP/03/07/10
▪ Microsoft Office for Mac
▪ Lotus Smartsuite for Windows Internet Explorer 6.0 and above


▪ Internet Explorer
▪ Google Chrome
▪ Firefox


▪ Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/03/07/10
▪ GroupWise 5.x
▪ Microsoft Outlook Express
▪ Lotus Notes


▪ McAfee Antivirus
▪ Norton Antivirus
▪ Norton Utilities for Mac
▪ Citrix

Word Processor, Database, Spreadsheets & Graphics

▪ Microsoft Word 2000/XP/03/07/10 Microsoft Access 2000/XP/03/07/10
▪ Spreadsheets Graphics
▪ Microsoft Excel 2000/XP/03/07/10
▪ Lotus 123 for Windows
▪ Microsoft FrontPageMicrosoft Powerpoint 2000/XP/03/07/10
▪ Microsoft Visio
▪ Microsoft FrontPage
▪ Microsoft Powerpoint 2000/XP/03/07/10
▪ Microsoft Visio


▪ Wireless Connectivity
▪ Proprietary / Non Standard Applications

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