Monitoring Services

AthenaPMIT offers proactive monitoring of servers, workstations, remote computers, windows and applications that are critical to the functioning of the entire network and overall operations of the organisation.

We provide customised monitoring with instant notification of problems and changes. Send a system monitor alert when critical services are affected or servers go down.

• User defined monitoring and alerts
• Monitor the event log
• Alert on hardware and software changes
• Alert on file changes and violations
• Know if disk space is running low
• Monitor computer online/offline status
• Know if a server goes down
• Know when traveling users connect
• Alert message and configuration

Security Services

We use the latest tools to provide comprehensive security to your hardware and software.

Antimalware & Antivirus

Powered by Kaspersky Labs, the antivirus and antimarlware solution is installed on the endpoints (workstations, servers) to detect, destroy and prevent malware or viruses

Patch Management

Our patch module automatically keeps the servers, workstations and remote touch points upto date with the latest security patches

Asset Management Services

Keeping track of hardware and software is critical both financially and at operational level. This task becomes intimidating when the network is interspersed between the provider and the client over multiple locations
We provide an end to end solution for all hardware and software control.

Audit & Inventory

Conducts audits and inventory check of computers, servers, network devices and mobile devices

Remote Control/Access

Quickly, securely, and with minimal end user interruption access and manage computers from anywhere, using Live Connect

Reports with Info Center

We offers comprehensive reporting on all assets under management

Automation Services

Our automation services enhance the IT service delivery experience by adopting a proactive approach to reactive response. Our solution results in increased productivity, utility enhancement and cost optimisation

Agent Procedures

A powerful script-writing engine designed to build custom IT services and proactive systems maintenance

Service Desk & Ticketing

Our Service Desk system enable organisations to adopt a policy driven approach. IT service delivery Kit and ticketing system bundled in one software for comprehensive solution for your needs.

IT service Delivery Kit

Get up and running faster than ever with industry best-practice monitor sets, automated procedures, and proactive maintenance

Ticketing System

Need a centralized location for all of your users to submit help requests? The Ticketing module in IT Center is easy to use and implement

Backup Services

Our backup services form the backbone to any organisations data protection and recovery. We provide a robust, flexible and holistic solution for all your back needs. It allows organizations to conduct remote folder- and file-level backups of distributed desktops, laptops and servers that can be accessed and restored to any machine at any point in time.

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