Healthcare service providers access terabytes of crucial and sensitive information about their patients, extending from financial to personal information and other confidential medical records. Any compromise of protected health information (PHI) incurs heavy penalties, legal liability and long-term personal hardship for the affected patient. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and its supplement, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, were created specifically to address rising incidence of PHI theft-a risk that no one in healthcare IT security can afford to ignore.

Discover assets and find their vulnerabilities

With all the resources in a healthcare environment that access patient data, from electronic health record (EHR) to e-prescription kiosks, it can be challenging to know even what you’re working with. Our healthcare IT security solution can simplify this for you. With Nexpose application you can quickly and easily retrieve all your physical and virtual assets and scan them for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and potential malware exposure.

Address critical threats first

Make sure you’re handling critical vulnerabilities by first prioritising threats, that are actually exploitable in your environment. Out Technology experts work together to give you contextual information about potential vulnerabilities and potential risk in your infrastructure. You Finally have, a healthcare IT security solution that allows you to make smarter decisions and prioritize exploitable threats.

Implement audits and test the efficiency of control systems

Given the complexity and distribution of networks within healthcare provider systems, manually auditing devices takes too long to be effective. We implement your HIPAA compliance security audits which make sure your security efforts proactively work against exposure and outside attacks. Bolster your security further by conducting an internal or external penetration test with our PenTest service to verify that the measures you’ve put in place are effective against an array of attacks. Try our healthcare IT security solutions today!

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